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Our company produces customer tailored wedding dresses and night wear in its workshops by its expert stylist and staff, more than 500 models of our wedding and night dresses and accessories have gained appreciation international markets. We are presently exporting more than half of our products. Rich and stylish collection of our night dresses have gained appreciation of ladies.

We will continue with our elite models and special details creating our own designs of chic silkmetts with variety of specific accessories with unconditioned customer satisfaction blended with the spell of classing and traditional wedding dresses in modern, styles and materials. LAREKSES BRIDAL has become a leading brand name in this sector. LAREKSES BRIDAL dresses are preferred by every bride candidate for their stylish, quality and competitive prices with our young, contemporary designs, high quality and beller service principle.

LAREKSES BRIDAL will continue to be with you during your unforgettable moments...

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